Medical Care

To care about your health is our main aspiration, therefor we offer you a step by step service:

From your country: our process is very easy and helpfull, also before you come to Germany you can take contact with our team and send us your previous tests and treatments, X-rays films you have made and any information can help Doctors to analyze your problem.
After receiving your documents we try to find the best doctors and specialists for your case, an objective assessment of your illness can be obtained by combining the opinion of several experts. Based on this assessment, the best doctor and medical center will be chosen for you.
You will get from us a detailed report with treatment plan, cost estimation and accommodation suggestion. After your agreement we will confirm for the Doctors and medical centers the appointments and will send you the confirmation before you come to Germany.

Your arrival in Germany: Our Staff will receive from the airport. If you are flying with a private plane, they will take you directly from the Plane. You will then be taken directly to the hotel or apartment with our luxurious Limousine. For your luggage you do not need to care about, it will be gathered and safely transported until your room.

During your treatment: You will be treated by Germany's most experimented doctors.
Our staff will assist you during your treatment and try to translate and explain for you any discussion between you and the doctors. If your situation needs a stay in hospital and you wish an assistant 24h we will arrange that for you. We have also special women translators and assistants.

After your treatment: We hope it was successful, we can organize a relaxing holiday in the best centers in Germany or touristic trip. If you wish to fly back we arrange your shuttle to the airport and all check-in and customs procedures.

Follow-Up: Also after you go back to your country we care to forward all medical records to your doctors at home, translate and communicate medical results. We keep the contact between you and your doctors here in Germany to follows-up the developments of your health.